Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dettol And Dogs Will Dettol Kill My Dogs Fleas? I Used Advantage (expensive) And It Didn't Work. Sick Of Watching The Poor Guy

Will Dettol kill my dogs fleas? I used Advantage (expensive) and it didn't work. Sick of watching the poor guy - dettol and dogs

Zero. It is small, about 10 pounds. I grew up with Dettol around the house. My father and my aftershave life! Serious answers please! In addition, the amount of dilution, etc.?


i♥mybich... said...

I feed him lots of garlic, maybe half a toe more or less a day. they wipe and put it in your food. can be dehydrated garlic in your diet with supplements as well. etc. (no yeast, garlic Sonderbeilagen Petstore. go out and see if you like)

If your dog is smart on several occasions, probably because its theres fleas in your house or garden, or somewhere in your dog very often (maybe the park, it could be during her walks, etc. ..). That would be likely to kill any fleas and eggs in your house, maybe a smart bomb or something that I KNW. but we must get rid of all (and not just for your dog, but also for you and your family too.)

not realizing the benefits remain to be completey dry? Or simply wipe or wash? because then fit the chip poison into the skin of your dog and will not work. Your water test after hours / days in full skin ..
Also, use a flea bath and bathe regularly, at least until the chips disappear. HerbBains EE can be a little irritating then maybe once every two weeks or maybe a dog oatmeal shampoo so.and every two weeks and (optional)

nyc2cali... said...

I worked in an office of the veterans, when I was in college, and many, many dogs are allergic to garlic, garlic and other stomach made her ill. Follow the instructions goes to pin D T-shirt and to work. The veterinary assistant of the same recommended for homeowners who could not afford to take a flea bath. Even have a flea bath or at home on the carpet, so that only he himself instead. Poor baby

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